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Tanfoglio 919 Force Compact

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Date Added: Tuesday 22 March, 2016

Model: Tanfoglio 919 Force Compact
Manufacturer: Tanfoglio
Weight: 3lbs

Tanfoglio 919 Force Compact

Price:   $299.00


Details:This is a General Image, and not the actual pistol you may receive. These OUTSTANDING SURPLUS Surplus Surplus Tanfoglio 919 Force Compact pistols was just imported into the United States by Mach 1 Arsenal. They’ll make a great addition to your military arms collection and a joy to use on the range. These pistols were a part of a law enforcement/ corrections officer turn in program. We are happy to give our customers the first chance of owning ... more info
Under Folding Stock DDI 100% US Made AKM 7.62x39

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Date Added: Tuesday 20 December, 2016

Model: Under Folding Stock DDI 100% US
Manufacturer: DDI
Weight: 11lbs

Under Folding Stock DDI 100% US Made AKM 7.62x39

Price:   $899.00

... more info

Details:You Can Be One Of The First To Own One Of The Awesome Rifles, Reviews are available on You Tube Office Hours 10:00 AM – 3:00PM Mon-Friday Please Call 865-982-3950 Ext 104 during office hours These OUTSTANDING Brand New 100% US Made DDI AK with an (under folding stock) were designed by Destructive Devices Industry in Knoxville, TN and features the very best in US materials and craftsmanship. FEATURES Caliber: US Kalashnikov ... more info

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Date Added: Thursday 09 September, 2010

Model: Vepr 12
Manufacturer: Vepr
Weight: 14lbs


Price:   $899.00


Details:The last of the Folding Stocks Capable Shotguns in inventory. These shotguns have all the hardware to make them into factory folding stocks. The latest imports from Russia came with FIXED Stocks and do not come with any of the hardware to make them foldable stocks, If you looking to buy a Vepr 12 with a factory folding stock, you’ll want to jump on them as soon as possible. (922R rules must be followed if you turn the stock into a folding ... more info